Addressing generic drug shortages

If you need a prescription drug to treat an illness or stay healthy, your health insurance company should not be able to deny you just because a generic version of that drug is not available. That’s why I sponsored SB2672, which sets standards for insurance coverage of prescription drugs.

Nationwide, generic drugs account for about 90% of all prescriptions filled, according to theĀ Association for Accessible Medicines, a trade group that represents generic drugmakers. However, there have been serious widespread shortages of a number of important generic drugs. That has created a huge problem for people who need those out-of-stock drugs, but whose health insurance policies will not allow them to substitute more expensive brand-name prescription medications that are available at their pharmacies.

When your child has pneumonia, or when your mom needs her blood pressure medication refilled, or when you run out of antidepressants, you shouldn’t be charged an unconscionable amount for a trademarked drug just because the generic version is not available. Under my bill, which has been passed by both the House and the Senate and will be heading to the Governor’s desk soon, you will be able to fill your essential prescriptions even when generic medications are in short supply.

There are still many problems with our health care system, here in Illinois and across our country. But with new laws like this one, we’re working to make health care more accessible and affordable, for everyone.

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